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Short updates and commentary from our publisher, Bruce Maples. (Longer pieces are published as regular posts.) If there’s an -End- mark, what you see is all there is. Otherwise, click the title to read the entire post.

Tit-for-tat ethics complaints 🅿️

So now we've got competing ethics complaints, one from the Repubs and one from the Dems. Bruce Maples wonders if these are the most pressing ethics issues.

For once, McConnell and the @KYGOP get it right (updated)

If we're going to call them out when they get it wrong on race, we need to recognize when they get it right. And at least this time, they got it right.

Sorting out the Alison Grimes situation

Here are my thoughts about the recent events surrounding Alison Grimes, including whether any of them could be politically motivated. (Patrons only)

Pro-tip for campaigns: Get some decent photos

One challenge of covering campaigns is finding decent photos. But apparently, candidates haven't gotten the message that visual communications matter.

Lynching imagery? Oh hell no.

A Democratic candidate in Spencer County used lynching imagery in an ad, then defended it when confronted about it. Time for him to withdraw.


For anyone, it's a milestone when your name takes on a meaning all its own. For an elected official like Rand Paul, it can be an honor – or something else.

ForwardKY at Fancy Farm

Quick note (with pix!): We will have a number of ForwardKY people at Fancy Farm this weekend.

Trump, yes – but what about Paul and Massie? 🅿️

At this point, it is obvious that President Trump is focused on doing things that favor Russia. As Josh Marshall has said, it doesn't matter WHY this is, whether because of blackmail, or financial gain, or psychological/emotional need. What matters is naming it, containing the damage, and eventually trying to repair the damage. But, some are asking, what about Rand Paul and Thomas Massie?

Wondering about continuing the calendar

We added a statewide event calendar to the site at the beginning of the year, hoping that people would find it useful AND that groups would submit their events. Our goal was to provide a central place where people could look for events in their area and get involved. I'm wondering, though, if it's worth keeping.

Let’s try this again

For a while, I wrote posts for the Publisher's Blog (PubBlog) to share both shorter posts that didn't really need to be on the main page, and news about the site. They didn't get much play, so I stopped. But now I'm starting again. Let me tell you why.

How much Dem swing do we need to take back the House? Ⓜ️

I enjoy working with statistics and spreadsheets. So, after all the recent talk of a "blue wave" this fall, I wanted to see just how much of a swing we would need across Kentucky to take back the Kentucky House. In this post, I'll share what I found, as well as the spreadsheet I used, so you can run your own scenarios.

A quick note about our emails …

Before I send out the weekly newsletter later today, I wanted to share something about the emails you receive from Forward Kentucky.