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Short updates and commentary from our publisher, Bruce Maples. (Longer pieces are published as regular posts.) If there’s an -End- mark, what you see is all there is. Otherwise, click the title to read the entire post.

Hoover sex scandal: Who’s lying? Who’s hiding?

It's obvious that someone is lying in the Hoover sex scandal. My question is, though, WHY? And, who is that lurking in the background?

How much Dem swing do we need to take back the House? Ⓜ️

I enjoy working with statistics and spreadsheets. So, after all the recent talk of a "blue wave" this fall, I wanted to see just how much of a swing we would need across Kentucky to take back the Kentucky House. In this post, I'll share what I found, as well as the spreadsheet I used, so you can run your own scenarios.

For once, McConnell and the @KYGOP get it right (updated)

If we're going to call them out when they get it wrong on race, we need to recognize when they get it right. And at least this time, they got it right.

A preemptive strike on Medicaid

As noted in our news story, Governor Bevin has issued an executive order threatening to cancel the Medicaid expansion, and the healthcare of 480,000 Kentuckians, if any part of his Medicaid waiver is overturned in court. Here are my initial thoughts.

My Initial Thoughts on the Repub Pension Plan

I watched the press conference this morning, and took down the ten points as they were shared. Here are my initial thoughts.

Sorting out the Alison Grimes situation

Here are my thoughts about the recent events surrounding Alison Grimes, including whether any of them could be politically motivated. (Patrons only)

Why the Medicaid Waiver Plan Is A Bad Idea

Here is my email to the KyHealth@KY.gov comment line, outlining why the Medicaid waiver is such a bad idea. I also listed alternatives they could consider.

Separating “The Work” from the Publisher

Forward Kentucky is maturing, and one sign of that is separating "The Work" from the publisher. Read on to learn what I mean.

Did Trump just call for “purges” of the government?

"Tonight, I call on Congress to empower every cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.” In other words, carry out purges within the government.

A nice word from a Republican legislator

After our story on Twitter blocks from Repubs, we got a message in return from one Republican lawmaker, with a word in it that meant a lot.

Can We Get Over Bernie/Hillary Already?

I get that folks want to put blame somewhere for 2016. But this ongoing Bernie/Hillary rehash/bash has become a giant soul-suck. Can we get over it already?

Conservatives: “You’re on your own.”

I've been struck recently by the responses of conservatives to a number of crises. All reveal one common feature of conservativism: You're on your own.