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Short updates and commentary from our publisher, Bruce Maples. (Longer pieces are published as regular posts.) If there’s an -End- mark, what you see is all there is. Otherwise, click the title to read the entire post.

A nice word from a Republican legislator

After our story on Twitter blocks from Repubs, we got a message in return from one Republican lawmaker, with a word in it that meant a lot.

A small Republican block party

Was working on our public Twitter lists of Repubs and Dems in the state legislator, and wondered how many had blocked Forward Kentucky. Here's the list.

Is McConnell in trouble?

With Maria Butina doing a plea deal and cooperating with Federal prosecutors, the question arises: Does this have implications for Mitch McConnell?

Hoover sex scandal: Who’s lying? Who’s hiding?

It's obvious that someone is lying in the Hoover sex scandal. My question is, though, WHY? And, who is that lurking in the background?

For once, McConnell and the @KYGOP get it right (updated)

If we're going to call them out when they get it wrong on race, we need to recognize when they get it right. And at least this time, they got it right.

Tit-for-tat ethics complaints 🅿️

So now we've got competing ethics complaints, one from the Repubs and one from the Dems. Bruce Maples wonders if these are the most pressing ethics issues.

We’ve Added Forums

A recent development on the site: We have turned off the comments feature on stories, and added forums. Let me explain why.

Pro-tip for campaigns: Get some decent photos

One challenge of covering campaigns is finding decent photos. But apparently, candidates haven't gotten the message that visual communications matter.

Reader Feedback and Comments

Would just like to note how pleased I am that, after having the site up for some time, we are finally getting some comments on stories from readers.

On Bevin, Beshear, and football

Short reaction to Governor Bevin's dig at AG Beshear that used a football analogy. Sort of a FIFY moment, Governor.

ForwardKY at Fancy Farm

Quick note (with pix!): We will have a number of ForwardKY people at Fancy Farm this weekend.

Charter Schools: Follow the Money, or the Bible

As Kentucky gets ready to fight over charter schools, we need to pay attention to two things: checkbooks and Bibles.