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Short updates and commentary from our publisher, Bruce Maples. (Longer pieces are published as regular posts.) If there’s an -End- mark, what you see is all there is. Otherwise, click the title to read the entire post.

Candidate list is updated

FYI — Have just updated the Candidate List. You can now browse and filter and such. One interesting filter you could try is which races do not have the incumbent running.

Non-Member Comments

For a while, we've only allowed members to comment on stories. Starting today, we've switched to allowing non-members to comment.

Your Kentucky Death Panel

Here are the four Kentucky reps who voted to take away your health insurance, without reading the bill, without any hearings, without any CBO score, and without any support from Democrats:

Let’s try this again

For a while, I wrote posts for the Publisher's Blog (PubBlog) to share both shorter posts that didn't really need to be on the main page, and news about the site. They didn't get much play, so I stopped. But now I'm starting again. Let me tell you why.


For anyone, it's a milestone when your name takes on a meaning all its own. For an elected official like Rand Paul, it can be an honor – or something else.

Is McConnell Being McConnell, or Is He Actually Worried About His Russia Problem?

Is McConnell's non-interest in pushing for an investigation into the Russian connections just McConnell being McConnell, the party-above-everything DC player? Or, is he actually worried that he would be caught up in it in some way?

A one-day special session?

Based on a conversation with a lawmaker, here's a question: Could we have a one-day special session?

HB151: My Note to Ed Cmte

I wrote the members of the Senate Education Committee just now about HB151. Here's my note: Dear committee member, I am emailing to voice my significant concerns with HB 151, the so-called Neighborhood Schools bill. This bill applies a simplistic solution to a complex problem: how to manage school assignments for the largest school system in the state, AND avoid resegregating the schools system, AND avoid breaking the very successful magnet programs, AND keep from overcrowding existing schools. Applying the simplistic solution of “just let everyone go to their neighborhood school” to all of the above is like solving traffic problems at UK games by just turning off all the red lights and letting everyone go however they want. It will cause immediate gridlock in our school system. In other words, it is a bad bill, and should be killed. Bruce Maples 25-year-resident of Louisville

On Bevin, Beshear, and football

Short reaction to Governor Bevin's dig at AG Beshear that used a football analogy. Sort of a FIFY moment, Governor.

Adding News Curation

As part of our growing emphasis on the journalism part of our mission, we'll be adding news curation to our posts.

Senator Mitch McConnell: WHEN?

A call to Senator Mitch McConnell, written in frustration at his lack of leadership, honor, or substance at a time of crisis for our nation.

How much Dem swing do we need to take back the House? Ⓜ️

I enjoy working with statistics and spreadsheets. So, after all the recent talk of a "blue wave" this fall, I wanted to see just how much of a swing we would need across Kentucky to take back the Kentucky House. In this post, I'll share what I found, as well as the spreadsheet I used, so you can run your own scenarios.