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Short updates and commentary from our publisher, Bruce Maples. (Longer pieces are published as regular posts.) If there’s an -End- mark, what you see is all there is. Otherwise, click the title to read the entire post.

On Bevin, Beshear, and football

Short reaction to Governor Bevin's dig at AG Beshear that used a football analogy. Sort of a FIFY moment, Governor.

Reader Feedback and Comments

Would just like to note how pleased I am that, after having the site up for some time, we are finally getting some comments on stories from readers.

Be smart about unemployment rates

Just a word about the news that some unemployment rates have gone up.

Can We Get Over Bernie/Hillary Already?

I get that folks want to put blame somewhere for 2016. But this ongoing Bernie/Hillary rehash/bash has become a giant soul-suck. Can we get over it already?

Separating “The Work” from the Publisher

Forward Kentucky is maturing, and one sign of that is separating "The Work" from the publisher. Read on to learn what I mean.

Why the Medicaid Waiver Plan Is A Bad Idea

Here is my email to the comment line, outlining why the Medicaid waiver is such a bad idea. I also listed alternatives they could consider.

On crime, Bevin, and prayer

I posted a series of tweets about this earlier, but thought it best to expand a bit in a PubBlog post.

Remember: Trump Gone or Not, We Have Work To Do

I've been reading Twitter a lot lately, both to keep up and to get story ideas and leads. A recent comment on there, though, got me thinking, and I thought I'd expand on it.

Senator Mitch McConnell: WHEN?

A call to Senator Mitch McConnell, written in frustration at his lack of leadership, honor, or substance at a time of crisis for our nation.

Your Kentucky Death Panel

Here are the four Kentucky reps who voted to take away your health insurance, without reading the bill, without any hearings, without any CBO score, and without any support from Democrats:

We’ve Added Forums

A recent development on the site: We have turned off the comments feature on stories, and added forums. Let me explain why.

We’re on Medium and Apple News

After some weeks of making sure everything was ready, ForwardKY is publishing on both Apple News and Medium. Check it out!