Danville Blue – a photo gallery

In the past few weeks, i’ve been to a few campaign rallies around central Kentucky. Lots of masks. Social distancing. 40 to 50 people. Danville. Not so much. Oh yeah. Everyone inside the Pioneer Playhouse venue wore masks. But there just wasn’t room for social distancing. Close to 100 folks showed up Wednesday afternoon to hear from Amy McGrath (no more needs saying), Hank Linderman (running for Congress in the 2nd District), and Lydia Coffey (going for 54th District of the state house). We shall be optimistic.

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Nick Lacy began his love affair with photography when he was in high school at the suggestion of his mother. To get started on the right foot, she gave him her camera, a 1955 Leica IIF. He still uses that camera today.

An Oregon native and archetypal observer, Nick describes himself as an “instinctual, from the hip shooter,” someone who reacts and clicks, as opposed to “an analytical photographer.”

Nick moved to Connecticut in 1982, working as staff photographer for a weekly alternative newspaper, "The Hartford Advocate." Nick wandered the streets of Hartford shooting whatever caught his eye.

Today Nick is still wandering. He now lives in central Kentucky with his wife Shelly, photographing people, places, and fleeting moments.

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