Donate to Forward Kentucky

We have had a number of persons contact us, asking how they can donate to the work of Forward Kentucky. Since we are not a non-profit (even though right now we are certainly a No-Profit 😉), such “donations” would not be tax-deductible as charitable donations.

Nevertheless, we continue to get the request to provide a means for people to support the work, as they realize that even as we got rid of the paywall and memberships, we still have ongoing expenses like hosting, software, insurance, and so on.

So, in order to be clear that this is not a charitable donation, we are providing this page where you can “purchase” some support! The item is titled “Pay What You Want Extra Support,” and it is exactly that: enter the amount you wish to pay to help support the work, then click the Buy Now button. You’ll be whisked off to Paypal, where you can use either a credit card or your Paypal account.

Recurring support

After getting rid of the memberships, we had a few people ask if there was a way to set up a recurring purchase of extra support. Unfortunately, Paypal does not offer a “pay what you want” option that recurs.

So, we’ve added a some “levels” of recurring support that you can purchase. Once you do, you’ll be billed that amount each month. You can cancel at any time, of course, either via Paypal or by contacting me directly.

If sending some extra support each month is what you want to do, use the second form below.

It is gratifying, obviously, to have persons believe in our work so much that they want to do more. If you are one of those persons, use whichever form below matches what you want to do. And thank you!

Support options for Forward Kentucky

Purchase Some One-Time “Pay What You Want Extra Support”


Purchase a Recurring Support Subscription

Levels of Support