In an email sent out earlier today, gubernatorial candidate Adam Edelen released two planks of his platform having to do with tobacco use in Kentucky.

From the email:

Nobody understands our state’s tobacco heritage as much as kids like me who grew up sweating in the fields and freezing in the barns, but the time has come for Kentucky to stand up to big cigarette companies, their lobbyists and their PAC money and move toward a healthier Commonwealth.

That is why I am announcing my plan to ensure every Kentuckian is able to breathe air free from cigarette smoke.

My plan is simple:

  • I want to ban indoor smoking in Kentucky’s enclosed workplaces, including bars and restaurants with three or more employees.
  • Raise the excise tax to match the national average of $1.72 per pack. Money raised from the increase would be used to curb the cost of tobacco-related illnesses as well as fund smoking prevention programs for teens and young adults.

The email then encourages the recipient to “sign up” in support, leading to a contact form for the campaign, and concludes by saying

This isn’t about a nanny state telling people what to do; Kentuckians can smoke if they want to smoke, but nobody should have to choose between their health and their job. Cigarette smokers don’t have the right to force children, working mothers, and elderly Kentuckians to breathe in secondhand smoke.

(Editor’s note: As we receive concrete policy proposals
from other candidates, we will publish those as well.)