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Welcome to our voter resource for the 2018 midterm elections! We hope you find this useful and informative. We’ll be adding new resources regularly, so check back a couple of times a week. New resources will have a (New) annotation the first week they are up. Links that take you to another site are marked with .

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Be Ready to Vote

Register to Vote / Check Your Registration – GoVoteKY.com

Use the GoVoteKY site to do everything related to your voter registration. Remember, the deadline to register to vote is October 9. Also, it’s a good idea to check your registration before then, to make sure everything is current and in place. And finally, be sure you know your polling location.

The Forward Kentucky Voter Guide

This guide will tell you all you need to know about the actual process of voting in Kentucky. Just go to this page on our site and enter your email to get your own copy.

Know Who’s Running

With 6 districts for United States Congress, 36 districts for the Kentucky State Senate, and 100 districts for the Kentucky State House, it can be tough to remember which numbered districts you are voting for. It’s the key, though, because every candidate is identified by the district they are campaigning for.

Use the GoVoteKY Site

When you check your registration, the GoVoteKY site will return your district numbers for Congress, state Senate, and state House. You can then note them somewhere, so you’ll be ready to find your candidates..

Find Your Electeds

We have a tool on our site that lets you enter the address where you are registered to vote, and will then return both U.S. senators, your congressperson, your state senator, and your state house member, along with their contact information. It does not, unfortunately, return the district numbers – but, for the state senate and state house, you can see the district number in the URL of their official website.

See Your Ballot

An information-rich web site that you should know and bookmark is Ballotpedia, the “encyclopedia of American politics.” On that site is a ballot tool that lets you enter your street address where you are registered, and then returns the ballot for your location. You do not have to enter your email address to use it, even though it asks for it; but, if you do enter your email, you will get Ballotpedia updates specific to the politics in your location.

Note that it is not perfect, since some of the down-ballot races do not have good location boundaries (or Ballotpedia couldn’t obtain them). Nevertheless, for the federal and state races it is usually accurate, and includes information on the candidates.

Ballotpedia Sample Ballot Tool

Know the Candidates

The Candidate Profiles on Forward Kentucky

Now that you are registered to vote, and you know who is running in each race for your precinct, it’s time to learn more about the candidates so you can decide whom to vote for.

The best place to start is with our Candidate Profiles page. On this page are all the Democratic and progressive candidates across the Congressional, state Senate, and state House races. Each candidate’s website and Facebook page are listed (if they have one).

But in addition, for most of the candidates we have individual profiles where you can learn more about each candidate, including their back story, why they are running, and what they consider to be the key issues facing their district. Get to know your candidates by reading their profiles right here on the site!

The Forward Kentucky Candidate Profiles

(More tools coming – check back regularly and/or be on our email list!)