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Election Central: Interviews

We have two “sister” media channels as part of the Forward Kentucky family: My Old Kentucky Podcast and Colonels of Truth from Progress Kentucky. Each of these channels have been doing great work interviewing candidates for the upcoming midterms.

Whenever they have interviewed a Democratic candidate in a competitive race, we have added a link to that race page, so if you are interested in a particular race, you can find the interview there.

We’re adding this page so you can see all the interviews in one place. We’ll update both the race pages and this page each week as more interviews are added.

Special thanks to Daniel Kinney, who helped pull this list together.

And one last thing: If you are not subscribed to both of these channels, you should be! They do great work, and are a wonderful source of information. Just click the links in their names above to go to their web sites and subscribe.

Note that the table below is sortable by clicking on a column header. To put it back to the original sort, just reload the page.

Dist Names My Old Kentucky Podcast Colonels of Truth Podcast Colonels of Truth Video
CD 1 Comer, Ausbrooks Ausbrooks Ausbrooks
CD 2 Guthrie, Linderman Linderman Linderman
CD 3 Cobble, McGarvey McGarvey McGarvey McGarvey
CD 4 Massey, Lehman, Osborne Lehman Lehman Lehman
CD 5 Rogers, Halbleib Halbleib Halbleib
CD 6 Barr, Young, Cravens, Froedge Young Young
H 02 Heath, Hollaway
H 04 Girvin, Hobgood, Sharp, Williams
H 08 Dossett, Thomas Dossett
H 09 Crockam, Dossett Crockam
H 11 Dixon, Dowdy Dowdy
H 12 Bechler, Gooch, Lossner
H 13 Johnson, Johnson
H 15 Dukes, Hernandez-Stevenson, Raymer Hernandez-Stevenson
H 20 Jackson, Lopez, Minter
H 25 Bennett, Bratcher, Leonard
H 28 Baker, Bauman, Miller, Thompson
H 29 Bratcher, Pfaadt
H 31 Breckinridge, Foster, Penwell, Witten Foster
H 33 Nemes, Turner
H 37 Callaway, Donohue, Maricle
H 38 Breitenbach, Roarx
H 39 Lockett, Mitchell
H 41 Cottrell, McKeehan, Raymond, Shepherd, Young
H 46 Gentry, Mond
H 47 Browning, Rabourn
H 48 Fleming, Sorolis
H 51 Pollock, Wheeler
H 53 Burley, Tipton
H 54 Elliott, Wilson-Reddy
H 56 Fister, Nolan, Vandegrift Vandegrift
H 57 Graham, Stratton
H 61 Angel, Lykins, Maddox Angel
H 62 Nance, Pratt, Robinson
H 64 Isaacs, Mann, Moser
H 65 Dietz, Wheatley Wheatley
H 66 Massey, Montgomery, Rawlings
H 67 Gearding, Roberts
H 68 Clines, Eads, Jones, Kloeker, Brown Jones
H 69 Doan, Brown Brown
H 70 Brannon, Lawrence Brannon Brannon
H 73 Adams, Dotson, Houlihan Adams
H 74 Deskins, Hale
H 77 Brown, Cunningham
H 84 Combs, Fugate
H 85 Baker, Carmack, Vaught
H 87 Bowling, Smith
H 88 Coleman, Stevenson Stevenson Stevenson
H 89 Oliver, Truett
H 91 Billings, Jackson, Wesley
H 93 Swann, Whalen Swann Swann
H 94 Edwards, Hatton, Justice
H 95 Laferty, Pennington, Spencer
H 99 Anderson, Frazier, White
H100 Criss, Sharp
S 04 Ashby, Mills, Pritchett
S 06 Ferko, Tichenor
S 12 Bledsoe, Setser-Kissick
S 16 Engle, Wise
S 20 Barton, Sparks, Studler, Templeman, Williams Barton
S 22 Cooperrider, Douglas, Eddy
S 26 Peden, Berg
S 30 Allen, Salyer, Smith
S 34 Carpenter, Cintra, Goode Cintra
Senate Paul, Booker

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