Emerge Kentucky places 51 women on the fall ballot (w/ docs)


If you follow Kentucky politics, you know that Emerge Kentucky has been training Democratic women to run for office for many years. What you may NOT know is HOW MANY of their training graduates are running THIS YEAR.

We just got a number of documents from Emerge, including info about Emerge and a directory with all the candidates listed, with pictures and the races they’re running in. There’s also a list of the various “successes” of Emerge this year. (We’ve added the docs to the story, so you can see them.)

These are excellent docs, but the picture directory is really impressive: you load up the PDF, then just keep scrolling and scrolling through page after page of Emerge alumnae running in 2018. It’s just really impressive.

For the record, here’s the numbers for Emerge Kentucky grads running this fall:

  • 6 are running for state senate
  • 15 for state house
  • 11 for county-wide offices
  • 2 for mayor/judge-executive offices
  • 14 for city council seats
  • 2 for prosecutor
  • 1 for school board

Congrats to everyone associated with Emerge Kentucky, AND to these candidates, for bringing more women into the electoral process. It’s time for our elected officials to better reflect the voters, and that means more women and more diversity of all types. Emerge is helping make that happen.


The PDFs

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