The Forward Kentucky Atlas

An atlas is a collection of maps that help you figure out how to get where you want to go. After learning that some of our most active readers were still unaware of all our channels and content and outreach, we thought it would be good to put together an “atlas” as a guide to all things Forward Kentucky.

Here, then, is your guide to everything we are doing, and where we are doing it. I’ve included as many links as possible, to make it easier for you to check out anything you are interested in or unfamiliar with. Enjoy!

Written Content

Website –
News (hard news, features, investigative)
Policy (analysis, data, explainers, policy papers)
Publisher’s Blog
Action (activism opportunities, alerts)
Newswire (all our news stories, plus curated news items from other sources)
All of these sections are accessible from the buttons in the middle of the home page AND from the “Get Informed” menu, except Action, which is under the “Get Active” menu.

In addition, certain stories are cross-posted to the following channels, as appropriate:
Medium – ForwardKY on Medium
Daily Kos – ForwardKY on Daily Kos
Apple News (via your phone)

Audio Content

Moving Kentucky Forward – Our interview podcast. About 30 minutes long, devoted to an interview with one leader or newsmaker.
The State of Kentucky – The audio-only version of our videocast of the same name.
My Old Kentucky Podcast – We cross-post this popular podcast to our site.

All of our podcast content is available in the following locations:
— On the Forward Kentucky website under Podcasts
— iTunes
— Stitcher
— Spotify
— Google Play Music
— The Podcast Source App
— On Libsyn, our hosting partner (MKF on Libsyn; SOK on Libsyn)

Video Content

The State of Kentucky – Our new videocast (video show), made up of segments on various topics with on-location video wherever possible.
Video Forward Five – A short video version of the Forward Five email blast, posted every morning M-F on our YouTube channel.
Video Editorials – Video versions of some of our commentaries, posted on our YouTube channel.
Video Explainers – Video versions of some of our Explainers.

All of our video content is available in the following locations:
— On the Forward Kentucky website under Videos
— On our hosting partner, Vimeo (SOK)
— On our YouTube channel


We are fortunate to have our own editorial cartoonist, Aaron Smith. His cartoons are pointed without being mean, and he especially enjoys poking fun at our governor and our senior senator. His work can be found on the Forward Kentucky website under Cartoons.

Social Media

We are on a number of social media channels, with some being more active than others.
Facebook (link)
Twitter (link)
Our publisher on Twitter (link)