ForwardKY FAQ


ome questions that we are often asked … and a few that no one has thought to ask (yet)!

Is this just another Democratic site?

No, we are a progressive site. We often support Democrats, but our primary objective is to promote progressive causes and elect progressive candidates.

Are you part of the New Kentucky Project (Adam Edelen & Matt Jones)?

No, we are an independent progressive media operation and organization. We may work with and support the New Kentucky Project at some point in the future, but we are a separate organization and effort.

Are you related to the Kentucky Moving Forward PAC?

No, we are not. We’re glad they like the word Forward, though!

Are you a non-profit?

No, we are incorporated as a for-profit media company. By doing this, we can support and endorse candidates, which many non-profits cannot do.

Do you accept articles and other content submissions?

Sure! Just click on the “Send Us Content” link on the front page. We’re always looking for content and contributors. Let’s talk!

How do you pay for this?

Through a combination of donations and membership sales. We did a crowdfunding drive in the late summer of 2016 to get the new site launched, and started selling memberships at that time. We hope to be able to fund the work this way, without having to add advertising. At some point, we may also add underwriters and/or sponsors.

Who is the founder?

The possibly-out-of-his-mind person who founded this site, and who wrote this FAQ, is Bruce Maples, a long-time activist and writer living in Louisville. You can read his (my) bio right here.



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