Glenn legal team files ethics challenge to Osborne, seeks documents

Part of the Jim Glenn Case series


The legal team for Kentucky House Representative-elect Jim Glenn has filed an ethics complaint with the Legislative Ethics Commission, claiming that Speaker-Elect David Osborne improperly used public funds to pay for the election challenge filed by Glenn’s opponent, D.J. Johnson.

In addition, the Glenn team has asked the House leadership for documents related to the challenge, but the Republican leadership has refused to turn over the requested documents. Therefore, the Glenn team has also filed a request with the Attorney General to order the release of the documents under the Open Records law.

The legal documents filed in the election challenge were prepared and signed by House attorneys Eric Lycan and Jeffrey Kaplan, who acted as lawyers for Johnson as well as for Osborne.

After Lycan and Kaplan withdrew from working on the Johnson case, the House Republican leadership hired a UK law professor, Dr. Paul Salamanca, to “oversee” the ongoing legal process. Glenn alleges, however, that the House lawyers are still working on the case at taxpayer expense.

Dr. Salamanca recommended to Anna Whites of the Glenn legal team that she ask the Ethics Commission to review the situation. He also recommended that Whites ask the state Attorney General to rule on the open records issue, and that she ask the state Bar Association for an opinion as to whether the House lawyers are allowed to represent both Osborne and Johnson.

Statements from Anna Whites included in the press releases:

On the Bar Association inquiry: “One lawyer can’t possibly represent the losing candidate at the same time he is advising the Speaker. We have very clear Bar Association rules on this.”

On the ethics challenge: “You can’t use public money for personal political ends, that’s illegal. This whole Election Contest was brought improperly, and the Constitutional Law Professor overseeing the process must correct that. We have a duty to the taxpayers and cannot let that go unchallenged.”