Jim Glenn’s legal team, led by Frankfort lawyer Anna Whites, issued a press release on Monday, December 10, to accompany the Answer and Objection document filed by Glenn on the same day. Both are in response to the challenge raised by D.J. Johnson, who lost to Glenn in their race for Kentucky House.

Here is the press release:

Representative-Elect Jim Glenn fires back at Republican effort to undercut certified election returns

Today Jim Glenn fired off his Answer and Objection to defeated candidate DJ Johnson’s Election Contest filed in the Kentucky House of Representatives. Glenn was certified by the State Board of Elections and the Secretary of State to be the official winner of the 13th House District by one vote, but Johnson is seeking to have the Republican majority in the House to overturn the election results by singling out Democratic and Independent voters and invalidating their ballots.

Glenn points out that the House cannot force voters to reveal who they voted for in the General Election. Kentucky is one of the first states to adopt the “Secret Ballot” as a way to combat voter intimidation. Ky Constitution, Section 147. The voters are protected from this invasive demand by the Federal and Kentucky Constitutions, Glenn says, and the House is wrong to threaten voters in this way.

Glenn also publicly provides an official bipartisan Grand Jury Report which specifically identifies every absentee ballot rejected by the County Board of Elections. (Exhibit 1). Johnson had claimed that the absentee votes must be counted, but official records establish that officials unanimously ruled each ballot to be invalid. Glenn’s filing relies on longstanding Kentucky law rejecting absentee ballots which lack signatures or other requirements.

Today’s filing states: “Johnson is confident this House will declare him the victor…The only thing Johnson needs is the agreement of this House to purge voters suspected of voting for someone other than him.” Memorandum at p.2.

Glenn vows to fight on against this unprecedented attack on voting rights. “This thing is bigger than any one person; this is an assault upon every voter in Kentucky,” he said.