Grimes calls for const amendment on pension bills


SOS Alison Lundergan Grimes is calling for a constitutional amendment to require all pension-related bills to be made public at least 24 hours before a vote.

Grimes is working with Rep. Jody Richards on a bill that would “ensure that Kentuckians are given twenty-four hours to review legislation regarding any changes to public employees’ pension plans.”

From the press release:

Grimes is working in conjunction with members of both Republican and Democratic caucuses to lead the charge to create greater transparency heading into 2019.

“I want to ensure that no matter who is in charge that we never go through this dysfunctional process ever again,” said Grimes. “Kentucky deserves better. People are tired of Frankfort politicians playing games with their retirement. These changes will not only affect current teachers and public employees but will affect our ability to recruit quality individuals in the future.”