Grimes removes “Trump” nickname from ballot


The office of Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes issued a statement noting that on Monday, she will certify the candidates’ names for the printing of the 2019 ballot.

As part of that process, she removed the “Trump” nickname that Carl Nett had added in his election filing.

Here is her statement on why:

“One of my most solemn duties as Secretary of State is to protect the sanctity of the Commonwealth’s election ballots, and to safeguard Kentucky’s election instruments from being manipulated for political gamesmanship. After receiving a written complaint from a candidate for Secretary of State, I reviewed the materials filed with my office by another candidate, who sought to have his name appear on the primary election ballot accompanied by the purported nickname “Trump!”

The press release continues:

Pursuant to the statutory authority granted to the Secretary of State by KRS 118.129(2), the Secretary of State’s Office determined that the candidate in question offered this so-called nickname in an improper attempt to gain an advantage on the ballot. Accordingly, the name of the candidate in question, Carl Nett, as reflected by the signature on his candidate filing papers, will be certified to appear on the ballot.

So, you won’t be able to vote for any Trump this fall.