A collection of activist groups is planning a “KY Moving Party” this coming Saturday in Frankfort, to symbolize helping legislators “with their packing and moving on November 6, 2018.”

The event is a bi-partisan event, sponsored by the Kentucky Public Pension Coalition (KPPC). There will be a rally at 10 AM on the Capitol steps, but the most unique feature of the event will be the caravan of moving trucks to symbolize the “moving party” emphasis. As noted by the event organizers, “This event will provide not only our state, but also our nation with a great visual of Kentucky’s plans to clean out our state offices and move in those that truly do care about Kentucky’s hard working citizens.”

Other groups participating in the event include JCAESP AFSCME Local 4011, KY 120 United, United We Stand: KY Govt Employees, KFTC, and Jefferson County Teachers Association.

The speakers at the 10 AM rally include:

  • KY Professional Fire Fighters – Brian O’Neil
  • Jefferson Co. Teachers Association – Brent McKim
  • KY Retired Teachers Association – Sue Ellen Caldwell
  • KY Education Association – Lea Collins
  • KY 120 United – Christina Trosper
  • KY Fraternal Order of Police – Skylar Graudick
  • AFSCME -Bobby Brown
  • United We Stand: KY Government Employees – Katie Hancock
  • JCAESP AFSCME Local 4011 – Sue Foster
  • Teamsters Local 783 – John Stovall
  • Emcee – Bill Londrigan, KY State AFL-CIO

For more information check out the event page on Facebook.

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