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Heather Cox Richardson: The pandemic contrasts the Repub and the Dem approach to governing

In America, the two very different responses to the pandemic have given us a powerful education in government activism. “For the past year, we couldn’t rely on the federal government to act with the urgency and focus and coordination we needed,” Biden said, “And we have seen the tragic cost of that failure….”

What’s up with Forward Kentucky?

Notice anything different around here? Wondering what in the world is happening at Forward Kentucky? Wonder no more – read this post instead.

KY Press Association: “SB 48 is unacceptable, and should be vetoed”

SB 48 introduces uncertainty into the law without corresponding benefits. The bill is excessively broad and impossible to administer. It is a bad bill, and we urge the governor to veto it.

3/30 update — Contrary to the national trend, pandemic numbers in Kentucky stay on a rough plateau or decline slightly

As the rest of the country is seeing increasing numbers of new coronavirus cases, Kentucky continues at a rough plateau or even a slight a decline in its numbers, such as its seven-day average of new cases.

No political organization in Kentucky needs renovation more than the once-dominant Democratic party

When we leave our foundation and go 'Republican lite' we lose our identity. When we lose our identity, we lose elections.

3/29 update — Kentucky’s one-dose vaccination rate is above adjoining states’, but its positive-test and new-case averages have hit plateaus

As the pandemic in Kentucky hit a plateau, Gov. Andy Beshear announced that 40 percent of adult Kentuckians had been vaccinated – but he and his health commissioner redoubled their pleas for people to sign up for openings that are going unfilled as more contagious coronavirus strains keep spreading.

3/28 update — Eleventh week of fewer new cases, but positivity and new-case averages went up a little

Two key measures of the pandemic took a turn upward Sunday, even as Gov. Beshear pointed out that the Monday-to-Sunday reporting week was the 11th in a row with a smaller number of new cases.

Black voter suppression – how we got here

In addition to racism itself, what events in the past led to today's suppression of Black voters? Heather Cox Richardson lays out the history that led to today.

HB 563 is the REAL steal we must stop.

You've heard of the fake "Stop the Steal" campaign from a few months ago? Stopping HB 563 is the REAL Stop the Steal from our public schools.

Mitch’s threats

Our senior senator, Mitch McConnell, has been making dire, dire threats about what would happen if the Senate got rid of the filibuster. Unfortunately for Mitch, his threats are coming across differently than he probably assumes. Aaron Smith captures the difference.

Chuck Corra and Big John Isner of Appodlachia, plus Andy Beshear’s vetoes

This week – the hosts of Appodlachia on the role of Kentucky in the wider Appalachian context. And, Robert and Jazmin on Beshear's vetoes, as well as the bills left unpassed by the legislature currently.

Making it easier to vote does not threaten election integrity

The success of last year's election proves it: The often-claimed trade-off between election integrity and reasonable measures to make it easier for people to vote is, in fact, largely false.

3/25 update — Vaccination priority age group now begins at 40; Beshear pushes sign-ups

The state is adding three new vaccination sites, bringing the total number to 573, but Beshear spent a good part of his news briefing urging Kentuckians to sign up for unfilled vaccination openings.

The real reasons for Kentucky’s GOP voter “reforms”

Some lberals are praising KY Repub lawmakers for making it easier to vote, instead of passing laws to suppress minority votes. The GOP will never admit it, of course – but they approved voting “reform” legislation because it helps THEM.

3/25 update — Kentucky’s positive-test rate for the coronavirus falls to 2.85%

The percentage of Kentuckians testing positive for the novel coronavirus dropped again Wednesday, to 2.85%, as the state's vaccination program continued to expand.

Beshear vetoes 2 education bills; signs 5 others into law

Beshear vetoed HB 563, the so-called "school choice" bill, and HB 258, which makes new teachers work longer for less guaranteed benefits.

The anti-hate vigil on Sunday — a photo gallery

Hundreds of people attended a vigil on Sunday in Louisville, to stand AGAINST hate and to stand WITH the Asian-American community. Del Ramey attended the vigil, and shares this photo gallery.

Doc Rand Paul, meet Doc John Johnson of Paducah

Paul doesn't "let facts get in the way of a good rant.” Neither did another right-wing Kentucky physician-turned-politician – state Sen. John Johnson, who helped lead the state's Southern Rights party early in the Civil War.

Beshear signs ten bills in signing ceremony on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Gov. Andy Beshear signed 10 bills that prioritize the well-being and safety of all Kentuckians, with a special focus on protecting seniors and vulnerable children and families.

Beshear vetoes three more bills, including one attacking open records laws

Governor Andy Beshear issued vetoes on three more bills on Tuesday, noting that each of the bills harmed Kentuckians instead of helping them.

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