Hoover and other lawmakers sue staffer who alleged sexual harassment


In a lawsuit filed earlier today (Thursday, Jan. 31), state Rep. Jeff Hoover and two other lawmakers sued the former staffer who alleged sexual harassment against them last year, claiming she violated the confidentiality agreement she and they agreed to.

The court filing pits Jeff Hoover, James DeCesare, and Michael Meredith against the woman, claiming that she never intended to keep the settlement confidential, and in fact breached the agreement within hours of signing it. The suit was filed in Fayette Circuit Court because that was the county where the original agreement was negotiated and agreed to.

The filing also notes that the three men “categorically denied and disputed any unwelcome or harassing conduct towards Defendant. However, given the newsworthy nature of allegations of alleged misconduct against then legislators, Plaintiffs agreed to meet and mediate this dispute.”

It also states that maintaining confidentiality was a “substantial motivating factor” for the three men to enter into the settlement.

According to the filing, not only did the woman disclose the settlement to both Daisy Olivo (her supervisor) and to Brad Metcalfe, the then-clerk of the House of Representatives, but that there is an actual recording of her talking with Metcalfe.

The three men are asking for the settlement money ($110,000) to be returned, with interest, as well as damages. They are also asking “for an injunction enjoining Plaintiff from further breach of the contract, for trial by jury, for attorneys fees to the extent permitted by law, and for all other relief to which they are entitled.”