Is Daniel Cameron an alien?

And no, I don’t mean an undocumented immigrant. I mean, an alien – like someone from another planet.

That’s the only innocent explanation I can think of for him to conclude that systemic racism doesn’t exist in the United States. And that talking about it, and facing it, is just “throwing fuel on the fire.”

Daniel Cameron
Attorney General Daniel Cameron (official photo)

As I said, that was the only innocent explanation I could come up with. The non-innocent explanation? That Cameron is determined to advance far in his political career, and he thinks that the only way to do that as a Black person in Kentucky is to be a “safe” Black person.

The answer struck me (and numerous others) as one of the most pandering, hypocritical, self-seeking, and transparently ambitious answers I have ever heard a politician make. He might as well have said “I intend to run for higher office in the future, and I don’t want to say or do anything that will upset people, especially white people in Kentucky.”

Someone should ask Cameron what he thinks of the racial disparities in our so-called “justice” system. Or about the fact that car insurance rates are higher for people living in certain ZIP codes, no matter what sort of driving record they have. Or about redlining, which still happens in the “City of Compassion.”

Daniel Cameron is one of the Republican party’s rising stars. He has a unique position in this state, and can speak to an audience that most Blacks and most progressives cannot touch. He had an opportunity to open some eyes, to talk the truth, to call out the racism we deal with every day, and to show that it is a universal problem on both sides of the political aisle.

Instead, he said what was expedient. He said what he thought would please his audience. And most of all, he said what was safe.

I’ll let Senior Pastor F. Bruce Williams of Bates Memorial Baptist Church in Louisville have the last word, as quote in the Courier-Journal:

“AG Daniel Cameron is intelligent enough to know that this claim panders to powers that promise him privilege. … He’s a disgrace. But Bruh, just because you’ve forgotten you’re Black doesn’t mean that the racist(s) who are using you have.”


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Bruce Maples has been involved in politics and activism since 2004, when he became active in the Kerry Kentucky movement. He has been President, Vice-President, and Treasurer of the Metro Democratic Club, and has served on the Democratic Party Executive Committee in Louisville. He began blogging in 2004, and currently operates two personal blogs ( and He founded Forward Kentucky in the wake of the state elections in 2015, and expanded it in the summer of 2016.
He has lived in Louisville since 1992 with his wife and two sons.

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