Kentucky Politics News and Notes – Monday 7/9/18


Publisher’s Note: As announced in our newsletter, we are starting a new “News and Notes” feature to cover Kentucky politics. This will essentially be a bullet list of political items from across the state that don’t merit a story on their own, but that we think you would want to know about. Some will be a sentence, some will be a graf or two, some might just be a tweet or a picture. Essentially, it’s an expanded version of the Forward Five that we email each M-F.

We will post these “Kentucky Politics News & Notes” whenever we get enough items to make it worth your while. (So, not daily, usually.) And, a couple of notes about News and Notes: You won’t be able to get these via email, and you won’t be able to read them on Facebook or Twitter. You’ll have to come to the web site to read them.

So, tell your political-junkie family and friends to bookmark the site and begin checking it daily, so they don’t miss a Kentucky Politics News and Notes when it posts. And you do the same.

Kentucky Politics News and Notes for Monday, July 9

  • Andy Beshear announced his run for governor this morning, with Jacqueline Coleman as his running mate. We’ve got a brief story up, but the Courier-Journal has more on the announcement.
  • The Herald-Leader has a profile of Coleman up as well. She’s a public school teacher, a principal, and a basketball coach. She’s also the founder of Lead Kentucky, a non-profit leadership training program for women.
  • And of course, Governor Bevin is already tweeting about the announcement:

  • Mitch McConnell not able to eat at any restaurant in The Ville, apparently:
    – Heckled on the way out of the Bristol (WDRB)
    – Then run out of Sarino’s (Facebook post)
  • The Bevin administration has also been ordered by a different judge, in a different case, to pay legal fees and penalties for withholding records about Braidy Industries.
  • State representative Wesley Morgan has filed suit against Deanna Frazier, who beat him in the Republican primary, claiming that her campaign libeled him in their campaign ads. Frazier accused Morgan of sponsoring legislation that would enrich his business.
  • Attica Scott continues to get encouragement to run, and is weighing her options:

  • And finally – If you find this News and Notes feature helpful, please leave a comment saying so. It’s only worth doing if people find it useful. If you, our readers, think this is a good use of time and pixels, let us know, and share it with others. Thanks!


News & Notes background image shot by David Barajas of Bowling Green

  • Yes, indeed. I learned things I had yet to run across elsewhere. I also used the link to twitter to sneak in a response to his statement about Beshear. He’s had me blocked for quite awhile. Can’t imagine why.

  • Thanks for the information. I will look forward to the updates and will check in to the website.