The activist group KY 120 United began rolling out their endorsements Tuesday, 10/2, using their Facebook page and Twitter feed instead of the traditional press release. As of this morning, they had endorsed 12 candidates.

We contacted the group to learn more about the process, and they sent us this statement:

In July 2018, KY 120 United Zone leaders met to discuss a process to endorse candidates that share the values of rank and file educators and public employees. Our goal was to publicly endorse candidates that share the values of the 120, no matter their party affiliation. What emerged was a candidate questionnaire and process for endorsing candidates in the zones they will potentially represent. The plan was to have members from every political background have input on the endorsement process.

We believe this goal was achieved as #120Strong is currently rolling out daily endorsements that include Democrats and Republicans. There is no money involved, only the voice of 42,000-plus educators. We will provide interview time through Facebook live and promotion on our social media platforms. Also, all candidate questionnaires will be posted for transparency. We are and will continue to be the voice of the rank and file. #120Strong

Here are the candidate endorsed as of this update. If the candidate has a profile on our Election Central site, we have linked to that profile.

  • Rep. Chris Harris (House district 93) – Profile
  • Jenny Urie (House district 62) – Profile
  • Cherlynn Stevenson (House district 88) – Profile
  • Kathy Hinkle (House district 96) – Profile
  • Carolyn DuPont (Senate district 22) – Profile
  • Rachel Roberts (Senate district 24) – Profile
  • Cathy Carter (House district 55) – Profile
  • R. Travis Brenda (House district 71)
  • Paula Setser-Kissick (Senate district 12) – Profile
  • Joe Graviss (House district 56) – Profile
  • Emily Ferguson (House district 72) – Profile
  • Darrell Link (House district 61) – Profile

We will update this list if KY 120 United issues more endorsements.

UPDATE – New endorsements as of Thursday, 10/4/18.

  • Morgan Eaves (House district 81) – Profile
  • Kelly Smith (House district 89) – Profile
  • Tom Pope (House district 84) – Profile
  • R.B. McKenzie (House district 98) – Profile
  • Terri Clark (House district 100)
  • Greg Coulson (House district 78) – Profile
  • Ryan Mosley (House district 92) – Profile
  • Susan Westrom (House district 79) – Profile
  • Susan Haddix (House district 34) – Profile
  • Paula Clemons-Combs (House district 30) – Profile
  • Derek Lewis (House district 90)
  • Lydia Coffey (House district 54)

UPDATE – New endorsements as of Friday, 10/5/18.

  • James DeWeese (House district 50) – Profile
  • David Suetholz (Senate district 20) – Profile
  • Donielle Lovell (House district 18) – Profile
  • Craig Lindon (House district 97) – Profile
  • Dustin Allen (House district 87) – Profile

UPDATE – Correction on endorsements, as explained below in a message from the group:

One thing you can hang your hat on with KY 120 United: we are who we are, rank and file educators and public employees from top to bottom, inside and out. We celebrate the good, learn from the bad and own our mistakes.

A few months ago we sent questionnaires to the candidates running for the 2019 General Assembly. Once those were gathered we put a call out to each zone to help read and vote on endorsements. We believe the people are the power in this process. People who have been locked out and not listened to. This is our chance to have a say.

A little background: our grassroots organization is set up by US House Congressional Districts of which there are 6. Due to county lines and gerrymandering, the KY legislative districts sometimes cross US congressional district. This means some races “cross zones”.  That being said, we messed up.

There is a House race in House district 14 between Elizabeth Belcher and Scott Lewis that crosses between our Zone 1 and Zone 2. When the Zone members were provided the questionnaires to review and vote to endorse, they only had Belcher or Lewis. One Zone gave the endorsement to Belcher having not seen Lewis’ questionnaire. The other zone was prepared to endorse Lewis without having seen Belcher’s. We cannot and should not endorse both candidates in the different zones and it is ultimately not fair to the candidates who have worked so hard. How do we fix it?

120 leadership called both candidates and then rescinded Elizabeth Belcher’s endorsement. Zone 1 and Zone 2 reviews will be given a copy of Belcher and Lewis to review and will then vote to endorse. We apologize to Belcher, Lewis and their campaigns and thank them for their understanding and cooperation. We feel this is the only way we can correct the situation. We own it, we are transparent.


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