Multiple groups from northern Kentucky and southern Ohio will join together Thursday as part of a nationwide protest called #FamiliesBelongTogether. The movement is protesting the Trump administration’s policy of taking immigrant children away from their parents at the border, even children as young as one year old.

The groups will gather at 5:00 PM on either end of the Roebling Suspension Bridge in Cincinnatti, then meet in the middle for a banner drop. Groups participating include the Northern Kentucky Justice and Peace Committee, Together We Will Cincinnati/SW Ohio, Indivisible NKY District 4, and and the NKY Chapter of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.

According to a press release from the groups:

The recent zero-tolerance policy of separating immigrant parents and children at the border has been described by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly as a deterrent. In fact it is a violation of international law and an unethical act against innocent children.

Parents and children—including those seeking asylum—are being separated from each other at our borders with no indication of when they will see each other again or how to find each other once they’re released. The number of immigrant children currently being held without their parents by the US government has surged 21percent since last month to around 11,000 children, and our government is poorly equipped to care for them.

The children may be required to appear in immigration court, but they are not guaranteed
representation; in many cases, even toddlers must represent themselves. Their parents may be deported before the children work their own way through our legal system.

This is not how Americans treat children. We demand that the Trump administration and Congress reverse this inhumane policy.

Persons wishing to participate in this #FamiliesBelongTogether event can sign up at the Facebook event listing. The event page also has a list of organizations where persons may volunteer their time or donate.

For more information about the national #FamiliesBelongTogether group, visit their web site.


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