KYGA21 Legislator Scorecard

Here are our scores for all legislators in this year’s General Assembly. Complete instructions on how to use the many features of the scorecard are below the scorecard widget itself. Note that the Total Score is based on both final votes on bills and sponsorship of bills, while the Vote Index is based only on votes. We will be updating this throughout the session, so check back each week.

How the scores are tabulated

The Total Score column

If you click on the Legislation tab, you can see the bills that we scored, as well as the score for each bill. (You can also visit this post which lists the bills we scored.) A bill we Strongly Support will get a score of 5, and a bill we Support will get a score of 3. Conversely, a bill we Oppose will get a score of -3, and a bill we Strongly Oppose will get a score of -5.

The scores are then awarded based on whether you voted with us or against us. If we Support a bill, and you vote Yes, you will get 3 points added to your total. And, if we Oppose a bill, and you vote No, that would also get you 3 points.

In addition, we give 1 point if you sponsor a bill we support, and -1 point if you sponsor a bill we oppose.

All of this is added together to produce the Total Score.

The Vote Index column

Obviously, if Legislator A has the opportunity to vote on 10 bills, and Legislator B only has the opportunity to vote on 5 bills, and they both vote with us each time, Legislator A will have a higher Total Score just because of having more votes.

The Vote Index column, on the other hand, only measures the percentage of times you voted with us out of all the votes you cast. While the Total Score column is useful for impact, the Vote Index column is useful for agreement.

Using the Scorecard

Sorting the columns

In each of the first three tabs (Summary, Legislation, Bill Score) you can sort by clicking on the column heading. You can then reverse the sort by clicking again.

Viewing a single legislator or bill

If you click on the name of any legislator in the first three tabs, you will go to that legislator’s page at BillTrack (our tracker and scorecard partner). There you can see more information about the lege, as well as how they have voted and sponsored.

If you click on the number of any bill, you will go to that bill’s page at BillTrack, with all the summary information on one page. At the bottom is a link to that bill’s page at the LRC.

The various tabs

Summary – This tab shows all legislators, sorted by Total Score. You can click the headings to sort, with the Vote Index being the most useful other sort. You can also filter by the categories we have assigned to the bills, using the dropdown at the upper right. And, you can filter each column by clicking the Filter button at the right and entering a filter value.

Legislation – This tab shows all the bills we scored, with bill number, a short name, and other information.

Bill Score – This tab shows all legislators and the points they received, by bill. You can sort on a given bill, or click a single legislator to look at their entire record. Note that it includes bills we scored for sponsorships that never got a vote.

Vote Index – This is a bar graph of only the Vote Index scores, from highest to lowest. You can hover over a single bar to see which lege it represents, as well as their individual Vote Index score. You can also filter by the dropdowns in the upper right.

House and Senate – These are district maps of each house, color-coded to represent their total score. You can hover over the map to see a the score of the lege from a particular district. You can zoom in and out using a mouse wheel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the name.