Top of Memorandum alleging bias in Glenn challenge process
Top of Memorandum alleging bias in Glenn challenge process

The legal team for Representative-elect Jim Glenn has filed a memorandum stating that the election challenge filed against him has been “irreparably tainted” by the actions of Speaker-elect David Osborne, and that the House of Representatives should be given the opportunity to “vote down the Application as fatally flawed.”

In addition, Glenn’s lawyers have made numerous requests for documents related to the case from the Legislative Research Commission, but so far the LRC staff has refused to provide the documents, stating that the documents are “preliminary.”

There are also reports that the Republican leadership in the House will refuse to seat Glenn, and may not even allow him on the floor of the House on Tuesday, when the General Assembly convenes.

The memorandum

The primary points of the Glenn memorandum, filed by attorneys Pierce and Anna Whites, are as follows:

  • The first act of the House must be to vote on whether to even accept the Application for a recount by D.J. Johnson, Glenn’s opponent in the election. The decision to accept the recount application must be made by the entire House, and not by a committee or an individual.
  • There is evidence of bias in the process to date, including the fact that the challenge was written and signed by the lawyers for Osborne and the Republican leadership, even though those lawyers are paid for with taxpayer funds. Those same lawyers advised both Johnson and Osborne, thus causing a conflict in advising Johnson how to win and Osborne how to have a fair process.
  • According to reports in the media, those same lawyers attempted to obtain absentee ballots from the county clerk where the election was held, thus violating the sanctity and privacy of the ballot box.
  • Also, Glenn has requested that all proceedings be open to the public, and that lawyers for both sides be present at any meeting.

You can read the memorandum here.

In other news related to the Glenn case

  • D.J. Johnson has retained a new lawyer, Kristin Hill of Frost-Brown-Todd in Louisville. Hill was the director of the Bevin transition team.
  • Osborne has retained a UK law professor, Dr. Paul Salamanca, to advise him in this matter.
  • The ethics complaint filed against Osborne has been released. You can read the full complaint here.