Louisvillians, help flip Southern Indiana blue for Liz Watson!


Louisville is fortunate to have the excellent John Yarmuth representing them in Congress. So, for any residents of the The Ville that want to give Congressman Yarmuth another Dem from the area, here’s an idea: help flip the seat in Southern Indiana for Liz Watson!

Here’s the details shared with Forward Kentucky:

Liz Watson is the Democratic candidate for Congress right across the river in Southern Indiana (CLICK HERE to see her progressive policies). She’s in a tough race against Republican Trey Hollingsworth, and we need his seat to take back the House. Here’s something folks in Louisville can do to help make that blue wave a reality and restore some sanity to our government.

Liz needs volunteers – to knock on doors, to make phone calls, to send postcards to voters. Please help flip this “swing” district right in our own backyard!

3 things you can do to help Liz Watson

1. Knock on doors (“canvass” voters)
Swing Left needs people to go door to door in Southern Indiana to tell voters about Liz. Weekends are best but anytime is OK. At the Floyd County Democratic Headquarters (312 Bank St. in New Albany), canvassers get a neighborhood map of voters, and a bunch of campaign flyers, and spend an hour our so knocking on doors with info about Liz. Many people in Southern Indiana have not even heard of Liz! The job is easy: give them campaign material, ask them if they’re going to vote. Click here to send an email and you’ll be put in touch with an experienced canvasser you can go with.

2. Make phone calls
You can do this any time from your smart phone. Swing Left IN-09 has a special site that gives you everything you need. Email the organizers for a link.

3. Mail postcards to voters
Swing Left IN-09 will be hosting a postcard-writing party on Oct. 16 from 7 to 8:30 at the Crescent Hill Library. All supplies provided; just come and get ready to write postcards!


You can do any or all of these activities – on your own or with friends. The time is NOW to flip Indiana Congressional District IN-09 from Republican to Democrat by electing Liz Watson. Email the organizers if you’d like to get involved.