Manage Your Email Info

Updating Your Email Profile Using Our Form

You can use this form to update your email profile on Mailchimp, our email partner. If you signed up with just your email, for example, you can add the rest of the information here. You can also use this form to subscribe or unsubscribe from our specialized newsletters by checking or unchecking the checkboxes.

Here’s the key thing to know: If you enter an email address that is already subscribed to our mail list, whatever you put in this form will overwrite your profile at Mailchimp. If you enter an email address that is NOT already subscribed, that email will be added to our list with the info from this form, and the Welcome email sent to the owner of the email address.

If you want to SEE what is in your profile before updating it, you’ll need to click the “update your profile” link at the bottom of one of our emails.