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Updating Your Email Profile Using Our Form

You can use this form to update your email profile on Mailchimp, our email partner. If you signed up with just your email, for example, you can add the rest of the information here. You can also use this form to subscribe or unsubscribe from our two specialized emails, the Forward Five and the Action Alerts.

Here’s the key thing to know: If you enter an email address that is already subscribed to our mail list, whatever you put in this form will overwrite your profile at Mailchimp. If you enter an email address that is NOT already subscribed, that email will be added to our list with the info from this form, and a confirmation email sent to the owner.

If you want to SEE what is in your profile first, you’ll need to use the “Mailchimp site” method (below this form).

Updating Your Email Profile at Mailchimp Directly

If you would rather edit your email profile directly at Mailchimp, or want to see it first, just submit your email below, and if it is in our maillist, you will be given the opportunity to send yourself a link to your profile. Note that this is the ONLY way to change the email for your profile.

Just like the other form, if the email isn’t found, it will be added to the list and a confirmation email sent to the owner of that email.

Managing Your Membership Info

If you are a member of Forward Kentucky and are logged into the site, the form below can be used to update your membership information. It can also be used to renew, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership.

On the Home tab, you can update your member profile on Forward Kentucky. (Note that this is not the same as your profile in Mailchimp, the email system we use. See below for more info on that.) The information you enter on this page will be used with your credit card if you make a payment, so make sure it is current.

You can also reset your password at the bottom of the Home page.

On the Subscriptions tab, you can see all the site subscriptions you have ever had, and whether or not they are currently active. Since we changed to monthly Patron memberships, all other subscriptions below are for history purposes only.

If you have a currently Active subscription as a Patron, it automatically bills you each month. You can use the links to the right to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription.

If you were on one of the old plans, and want to become a Patron, use this link to go to the membership page and choose your Patron plan. Since you are already logged in, the system should fill in your information for you.

NOTE: Do not click the “Subscribe” link beside any of the old plans. They have been deleted, and the link is a dead end. (It is generated automatically by the membership software we use, so we can’t get rid of it.)

The Payments tab simply shows you a historical record of all transactions you have generated on the site.

The Logout link simply logs you out of the site.

Reserved Content

Sorry – this content is reserved for Patrons only. If you are a Forward Kentucky Patron, please log in below. And if you are not, why not become one today? It costs only a few dollars a month, and you get access to a number of perks and benefits. Go to the Patron Sign-Up page and help support the progressive voice for Kentucky politics!