McConnell tweet is over the top, even for him


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  • McConnell’s obstruction wasn’t mindless…

    It was his top priority to make President Obama a one term president and spit in his face and the nine million more that voted for President Obama over McCain (5.5 million more votes in the re-election over Romney) and without precedent hold open a Supreme Court nominee for a year ignoring that huge majority…the mandate…

  • Since when have you ever compromised on ANYTHING? Have you forgotten your unwillingness to compromise on any of Obama’s great work?You’re idea of the common good is only what’s good for your career and your net worth! You have destroyed any hope of a legacy when you are long gone

  • What a hypocrite. He stated on the record that he would block everything submitted by President Obama. Talk about obstruction!

  • Mitch (& wife) have the 2 closest chairs to the devil when they get there. Truly evil people.

    I keep imagining the progress that could have been made if he had been truly bipartisan when Obama was in office. But nooooooo.

    Can’t wait to vote this mofo out of office.

  • Mitch has long understood that the best way to control the conversation is to attack the moral framework of your opponent, rather than presenting a substantive argument. After all, Conservatism’s moral framework is Machiavellian: win.

    By accusing the Dems of hypocrisy, something Mitch himself isn’t remotely bothered by, he turns the conversation to himself and the process, and away from Medicare for All and other overwhelmingly popular Democratic proposals.

  • “cooperation, compromise, and the common good.” Where were these attributes when Obama was in office? You are truly an amazing hypocrite!

    • There are many things I might accuse McConnell of … but dementia is NOT one of them. He obviously thinks clearly and deeply about politics and power, even if I disagree with almost everything he does.

  • When it comes to “cooperation, compromise, common good,” Senator Mitch McConnell’s actions, or deeds, do not match the meanings of these good words. The same can be said about President Donald Trump.

    • I agree — although I think McConnell’s actions are driven by his desire to retain political power, while Trump’s are driven by his own ego and characteristics, like racism.