Getting Amy McGrath and Andy Barr on the same stage at the same time is proving to be difficult, with only one confirmed debate, and that one not scheduled.

McGrath and Barr have both accepted the invitation from KET to debate live on that television channel – BUT, no date has been set for that debate.

Meanwhile, McGrath accepted an invitation to a debate co-moderated by Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio and conservative host Lee Cruse on LEX18. Barr turned down that invitation because of his belief that Jones would be a biased moderator (even though there is also a conservative moderator).

And Barr has accepted an invitation to a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters and hosted by WKYT, the Lexington Herald-Leader, and 630 WLAP. McGrath’s campaign manager, Mark Nickolas, said they are still considering whether to participate in that debate.