Amy McGrath (campaign photo)

Amy McGrath outraised her Repub opponent in the second quarter, but GOP candidates for Congress still have strong war chests going into the fall.

A number of Democratic candidates are still recovering from contested primaries, while their Republican opponents faced little or not opposition and thus could spend the spring raising more money to add to their fund-raising lead. John Yarmuth in KY-03 is the only Dem with more cash-on-hand.

In KY-06, Amy McGrath outraised her opponent, incumbent Andy Barr, in the second quarter, but her contested primary against multiple strong opponents pulled down her cash-on-hand. However, now that the primary is over, the donations that were going to her opponents should begin coming to her, giving her a chance to be competitive financially in the general election.

Q2 Fundraising Numbers for KY Congressional Races

Candidate Raised in Q2 Cash on Hand 6/30
District 1
Comer 52,475 439,801
Walker 8,733 3,167
District 2
Guthrie 272,390 2,396,907
Lindermann 37,039 2,959
District 3
Glisson 221,873 356,776
Yarmuth 200,102 543,128
District 4
Massie 31,706 263,133
Hall Not posted yet 23,510*
District 5
Rogers 48,225 1,037,700
Stepp Not posted yet Zero*
District 6
Barr 710,560 2,767,590
McGrath 989,398 733,771

* As of post-primary report