On the day after President Donald Trump deepened doubts about this country’s commitment to its European allies and western-style democracy, what did Majority Leader Mitch McConnell do?

He stood on the Senate floor to praise a decision that will make it easier for foreign interests to illegally funnel money into U.S. politics and elections.

The decision by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to no longer require certain non-profit organizations to report donors’ names furthers McConnell’s “money is speech” creed. Hallowed by Kentucky’s senior senator and enshrined by the Supreme Court, that corruption of the First Amendment has opened the floodgates on political money from anonymous sources — dark money — and done more to undermine trust in American government than anything Vladimir Putin has done. Yet.

The requirement that 501(c)(4) organizations report the sources of contributions above $5,000 was admittedly a flimsy safeguard against foreign infiltration of domestic politics. Now, to McConnell’s delight, even that flimsy safeguard is gone.


Written by the Lexington Herald-Leader Editorial Board. Cross-posted with permission
from the Herald-Leader via the Kentucky Press News Service.