National school walkout comes to Kentucky on Wednesday


The national “school walkout” is planned for this Wednesday, and schools across Kentucky are participating. Over 50 Kentucky walkouts are listed on the official website, but the number of schools where walkouts will happen is undoubtedly in the hundreds.

The 17-minute walkout has a twofold purpose: to stand in memory of the 17 students and adults killed in the Marjorie Stoneman Douglass school massacre, and to demand that lawmakers pass effective gun-control legislation.

The walkouts are scheduled for 10:00 AM on Wednesday, local time to the school.

Each walkout organizer is responsible for the activities of their walkout, but the site has a toolkit and suggestions. One suggestion is for students approaching their 18th birthday to register to vote.

Numerous organizations across the country are supporting the walkout. However, the walkout organizers are asking that only students and school staff participate in the walkouts, as a safety precaution. Supporters are encouraged to wear orange that day, which is the “color of the gun violence prevention movement.”

Schools systems across the country and the state are working to either block the walkout entirely, or to ensure student safety if students choose to participate. Many school systems have stated that if the students return to class after participating, they will face no repercussions, but if they instead leave school, they will be given an unexcused abscence.

The #Enough toolkit has a great deal more information, including a list of other actions students and adults can take, as well as bills in Congress that need support.

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