New Kentucky Project condemns Republican sneak attack


From NKP press release:

The legislative members of The New Kentucky Project—an initiative founded to promote the introduction of new ideas and new leaders into Kentucky’s stale political system—offered a scathing critique of both the disastrous policies and lack of transparency produced by this session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

“Under the cover of darkness, in the waning hours of the session, the Republican majority employed the politics of the past to mount an attack on the future,” said Rep. James Kay of Versailles. “All Kentuckians will pay the price of not just this assault on educators, first responders and frontline public employees, but of the old-school, backroom, railroad approach used to advance these awful policies.”

“It’s not too much to ask that when our budget is being drafted, that when pensions hang in the balance, that our elected officials conduct business in a way that maximizes the voice of people,” said Rep. McKenzie Cantrell. “That’s not what’s happening in Frankfort. My NKP colleagues and I are all committed to pushing for a more open system, including requiring hearings and adequate time to read bills.”

“If they were up to any good, they would’ve worked in daylight rather than in the dark,” added Rep. Angie Hatton of Whitesburg. “Monumental decisions about keeping our pension promise and now, apparently, tax reform, deserve total sunlight and transparency. Let’s do what it takes to open the system up.”

“The mistakes of the past have brought us to this moment, but repeating them with same, tired backroom politics will continue to rob us of our future. From taxpayers to teachers, all Kentuckians deserve better than this mess,” offered Sen. Morgan McGarvey of Louisville. “Now more than ever Kentucky needs to reject the politics of the past and embrace NKP’s “new ideas, new leaders” movement.”

Founded by Adam Edelen and Matt Jones, NKP is founded on a core set of values, ranging from building a world-class system of public education to a government operating with transparency and accountability. Other NKP legislators include Representatives Chris Harris (Forest Hills), Russ Meyer (Nicholasville), John Sims (Flemingsburg) and Dean Schamore (Hardinsburg).