How to Keep Up

If you want to keep up with all the Maples Media offerings, there are basically two ways to do it: sign up for the newsletters, and follow us on social media. So, to make that easier, here are all the various channels, beginning with Forward Kentucky.

Political Sites and Newsletters

Forward Kentucky – “the progressive voice for Kentucky Politics”

“The progressive voice for Kentucky politics.” Focused on Kentucky politics, policy, and politicians, from a progressive viewpoint. All posts are shared on Facebook and Twitter as soon as they are published. Newsletter comes out on the weekends, and lists that week’s stories.

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My Old Kentucky Podcast

My Old Kentucky Podcast logo

A weekly podcast by Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith, covering political news across the state. The podcast posts on Thursday, and the newsletter comes out on Friday morning, with the show notes and a list of resources used for the show.

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Maples on Politics

The political writing site of Bruce Maples, hosted on Substack. Some articles will also appear on Forward Kentucky, but most will only be on Substack. Newsletter frequency is TBD.

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Non-Political Sites – “a little writing site”

A site for non-political work, on topics such as Writing and the Arts; Values, Faith, and Church; a series of Lection Reflections; and Life in General. Also contains poetry and essays. Newsletter comes out whenever I feel like it. 😊

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BruceMaples dot com – “insights worth sharing”

A recent addition, the ultimate goal of this site is a book sharing things I have learned over the years. Topic areas include Leadership, Emotional Health, and Principles. The newsletter will come out whenever I have posted enough articles to make it worthwhile.

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