Patron Perks Home Page

Greetings! As a Forward Kentucky Patron, you get certain perks in addition to the great content we bring you. This page is where we either provide those perks, or tell you how to access them.

Over time, we will add more perks to this page. We will always notify you of additions in a “Patron Perks” newsletter, as well as mentioning them in our regular newsletter.

We also want to know what perks you would like to see. We try to be aware of what our patrons want through surveys and comments; but, ultimately, it’s the perks that YOU want that we want to provide, if we can. Feel free to use our “Get in Touch” form to suggest perks that you would find valuable.

And finally – thank you for your support. We could not do this work without you. And if you are ever in Louisville, I’ll add one more perk: the coffee’s on me!




Here are PDF versions of various documents and posts that you may find useful. Feel free to download all that you wish. If someone wants your copy, tell them to come help support the site in some way. 😉

How to Be an Effective Activist – This is one of the most popular guides on the site. It contains everything from contacting your electeds, to following bills, to various tools to use in your activism. Non-patrons can get their own copy by going to this page and signing up for our email list. As a patron, though, you have direct access to the doc itself.

PDF ➔ How To Be an Effective Activist

The Forward Kentucky Voter Guide – Do YOU know all your rights as a voter? Do you know when you might have to vote a provisional ballot? What about taking pictures inside a polling place? What ID do you need? All of this, and more, is in our Voter Guide.

PDF ➔ The Forward Kentucky Voter Information Guide

Coming Soon (within a week to ten days)

Election 2018 Directory – We are working on a document with every candidate at the state and federal level in this fall’s election and their important information: web site, Facebook page, Twitter feed, mailing address, and so on.

Election 2018 Prediction and Cheat Sheet – A listing of every race at the state and federal level, with results from the last election for that seat, as well as current candidates. You can use it to predict how the fall will go, AND you can use it on election night to track results.

Policy Portfolio – The best policy papers from the site, put into PDF format for storage and use elsewhere. We’ll be adding to these as we get them edited.

Twitter Lists – These won’t necessarily be exclusive to patrons, since Twitter lists are public. But, we’ll link to them from here, so they will be easy to add to your Twitter setup.

Podcast Transcripts – So here’s a question you can answer via the comment form: Would you like to have transcripts of the podcasts? Would you actually use them? The reason I ask is that they take quite a bit of time (2-3 hours per 30-minute podcast), and that’s with a service that gives us a rough speech-to-text document. BUT, if enough people would actually use them, we could provide them.

What Else?

There’s our first list of perks. As I said at the top, besides exclusive content (which we are starting to produce), what else do you want? Please don’t be shy – send me your ideas through either the comment form or via email. We want to make the Patron memberships as valuable as possible. So send us your feedback! And thanks!