As promised, Attorney General Andy Beshear’s office has sued to block the pension bill signed into law by Governor Bevin. The suit was joined by both the state Fraternal Order of Police and the Kentucky Education Association.

The two primary points of the pension bill lawsuit are:

  • That the pension bill violates the inviolable contract between the state and the teachers. This contract was written into state law years ago, and is called “inviolable” because the statute specifically says that future legislatures cannot change it. The pension bill passed and signed specifically says that the inviolable contract no longer is in effect.
  • That the pension bill was passed illegally, for the following reasons:
    • It did not have the necessary readings over three days.
    • It does not have the required actuarial analysis or fiscal note.
    • It was signed by the House Speaker Pro Tem, when the law requires that the House Speaker be the one to sign bills. (The Speaker chair is vacant, after Jeff Hoover stepped down from it.)

The lawsuit asks for both temporary and permanent injunctions to prevent the implementation of the bill. A hearing on the request for injunctions is set for April 19 in Franklin Circuit Court.