Perry Bacon Jr, special session/SCOKY ruling, Edelen for governor, & much more!


We were thrilled to welcome FiveThirtyEight Senior Political Writer (and Kentucky resident) Perry Bacon Jr. to the show! We spoke about the connection between Kentucky politics and national politics, his career, and what the future might hold for Democrats in Kentucky. At the end of the interview, Perry starts interviewing us, and even gets our take on the 2020 Presidential election!

Before our interview, there was SO MUCH to talk about! We discuss the Supreme Court ruling throwing out SB 151, which led to a two day special session – listen up to learn all the details of what went down during a wild week! Plus, Insider Louisville published a tip that Adam Edelen might run for governor. We discuss that possibility and what that ticket might do in the race. Plus, Jazmin explains to us Gov. Bevin’s blow-up at ProPublica, and the Kentucky GOP’s FOIA requests for Kentucky teachers’ emails.


My Old Kentucky Podcast
Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith began hosting My Old Kentucky Podcast in the fall of 2016, and have since released over 100 episodes. The show details politics and government in the commonwealth of Kentucky. In summer of 2017, MOKP grew to include a weekly newsletter. Robert and Jazmin are both progressive people, but they strives to give an even handed treatment to all issues. MOKP typically includes a guest appearance, and several of the most important figures in Kentucky have appeared on the show or written for the newsletter.