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Phone Numbers and Links

An ever-growing list of phone numbers and web links for doing activism and political work.

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Contacting Legislators

Federal – Call the Congress main line at (202) 224-3121. You will then be prompted to enter 1 for the Senate and 2 for the House. Once there, you enter your ZIP code, and you get connected to your rep’s Washington office. At that point, you’ll either speak with a staffer, or get to leave a message.

State – Call the LRC Comment Line at (800) 372-7181. Tell the person answering your name and address and the legislation you are calling about, preferably by bill number. Your comment gets transcribed on a “green slip,” which is then added to the stack for your legislator.

You can also call the main LRC line at (502) 564-8100, and ask for your legislator’s office, where you will get their office staff. Typically, you would leave a message, as it is hard for electeds to have time to talk on the phone.

There is also a Spanish-language LRC Comment Line at (866) 840-6574.

Tracking Legislation

Federal – There are a number of sites you can use to track bills at the Federal level. You can go right to, which has a robust search engine. Or, you can set up an account at, and then add trackers.

State – The state government has a billwatch service that is pretty good. You can set up an account, then add the bills you wish to track. There is also a Bill Status Line at (866) 840-2835. And of course, there are the ForwardKY Bill Trackers.

Other Numbers

There is a Meeting Information Line at LRC that will tell you about committee meetings and such – it’s (800) 633-9650.