Pikeville, two Georgia students would like to have a word with you


As reported earlier this week, the Pike County school system has voted to arm its teachers. While everyone, on all sides of the political spectrum, are rightly concerned about school safety, many of us feel that solving gun violence by adding more guns is … well, not a very good idea. Add to that the visual of preschoolers wondering if Miss Smith is packing, and the additional possibility of a teacher having to kill a student in their own class, and the consequences of such a decision show it to be the bad idea it truly is.

But perhaps, in the midst of the discussion, we should listen to two students who have experienced armed teachers … in their own school. From a story posted on Daily Kos:

A social studies teacher in Georgia barricaded himself in a classroom today and fired a gun out the window, which led to the principal locking down the school and a subsequent 35 minute standoff with police before the teacher was arrested. Now students in the school are saying that this is proof that arming teachers is a bad idea.

Jesse Randall Davidson was apparently having a bad day. According to CNN Davidson locked himself in his classroom and refused to let students enter. When the principal put a key in the lock, Davidson fired his handgun out the window. That prompted the principal to put the school in lockdown. Davidson surrendered to authorities half an hour later. From Splinter:

The incident comes amidst a national debate over whether or not arming teachers in America’s schools would make them safer in the wake of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. Donald Trump and a number of Republican lawmakers have strongly advocated for putting more guns in classrooms, claiming it would act as a deterrent for would-be school shooters.

Sane people, on the other hand, have pointed out that arming teachers is not only morally repugnant, but also that the proliferation of weapons in schools will only invite a wave of deadly accidents, misunderstandings, and overreactions.

While it remains to be seen exactly what the teacher now in custody by the Dalton Police was doing with their gun, the incident will hopefully force some of those advocating for more guns in the classroom to reconsider.

The cosmos itself would seem to be trying to impress upon Trump and the Republicans the stupidity of their posture on school shootings.

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While this is obviously two opinions from two young people who don’t live in Kentucky … their insights are clearer than the adults who just voted to arm teachers.