2018 Candidate Profiles

It’s mid-term elections time! And as a service to both our readers AND the candidates, we are doing profiles of the Democratic candidates in this year’s elections at the state and federal level. For Congressional and state senate candidates, we’re doing interviews. For state House candidates, we’re doing a survey, as there are too many to interview individually.

Below you will find links to the interview profiles, as well as whatever contact info for each candidate we could find. NOTE: Until the primary is over, we are focused on candidates with primary opponents. After the primary, we will complete the rest of the interview-based profiles, and survey the rest of the House candidates.

Congressional Candidates

CD 1

CD 2

CD 4

CD 5

CD 6

State Senate Candidates

  • 18 – Chester Highley
  • 18 – Robin Webb
  • 26 – Karen Berg (profile)
  • 26 – Matt Kaufmann (profile)
  • 30 – Kevin Campbell (withdrew)
  • 30 – Paula Clemons-Combs (profile)
  • 36 – Gay Adelmann (profile)
  • 36 – Sheri Donahue (profile)

State House Candidates