“Protect Mueller” protest in Louisville has its own protesters


(An in-person account by our own Cathy Hill from the “Protect Mueller” protest in Louisville)

“F___ you!” the MAGA-hatted rabble-rouser shouted at the protest speaker. At that point I engaged the MAGAsshat in my sweetest little old lady voice and said, “Please settle down. These people have a right to express their opinion.”

“Well I do too,” he blustered. “It’s called the First Amendment.”

Alarmed at the face-off, a protest official quickly appeared and addressed me, “Are you with them?” I responded, “Noooo.”

“Well come with me,” she said. Obviously the protest organizers wanted to avoid confrontations between fired-up amateur trouble-makers like me and fired-up pretend MAGA enforcers like my swaggering antagonist. I did as I was told and melted quietly back into the crowd.

Police presence at the Louisville "Protect Mueller" protest (photo by Cathy Hill)
Police presence at the Louisville “Protect Mueller” protest (photo by Cathy Hill)

Nine policemen on bicycles were lined up on the edge of the gathering, which numbered a couple of hundred people protesting the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the potential scuttling of Robert Mueller’s 18-month investigation into Trump family misdeeds.

The MAGA counter-protesters (photo by Cathy Hill)
The MAGA counter-protesters (photo by Cathy Hill)

Four counter protesters—scruffy middle-aged men dressed for war in K-Mart camouflage and carrying right wing dog-whistle flags “Don’t Tread on Me” and “The Three Percenters”— bellowed and strutted between the protestors and the police line. Other than my little skirmish, protestors wisely ignored the rants of the pretend militia.

Instead, the peaceful protest crowd listened attentively to the speaker and vowed to keep fighting: to show up, to stand up, to make their voices heard and to protect the Mueller investigation. They then lit up the night with the flashlights on their cellphones and headed home.

The "Protect Mueller" protesters in Louisville using their cell phones to "light the night" (photo by Betsy Foster)
The “Protect Mueller” protesters in Louisville using their cell phones to “light the night” (photo by Betsy Foster)


Catherine Hill
Catherine Hill is a Louisville writer whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including Insider Louisville, Business First, Valeo Magazine and Humana Military Healthcare Services newsletters.