Federal workers who belong to the American Federation of Government Employees union are teaming up with the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council to host a Thursday afternoon rally in the Falls City highlighting the hardships the federal government shutdown is causing.

Local communities, as well as government workers and their families, are suffering, said the GLCLC’s Tim Morris.

The rally is set for 5 to 6 p.m. outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office, 601 West Broadway, on Thursday, January 10.

“This rally is not about partisanship,” said Miller. “It’s about making sure all federal workers are treated fairly and that our communities cannot just survive but thrive.

“We will have several federal workers speaking about how the shutdown has impacted their life and their family. Please join us.”

This rally is in conjunction with the national AFL-CIO/AFGE rally in Washington D.C. on Thursday, Miller added.

More information is available on the event page on Facebook. In addition to the GLCLC and the AFGE, other groups supporting the rally include the AFL-CIO, UAW 862, SEIU-NCFO, and Teamsters Local 783.

Union members are also encouraged “to get as many phone calls as possible to Sen. McConnell’s office, demanding that he take action to end the shutdown immediately,” said Bill Londrigan, state AFL-CIO president.

Londrigan asked union members to share the toll-free number, (866) 803-8830, “so we can flood McConnell’s office with calls. Please help us turn out a great crowd tomorrow to support our federal employees and contractors.”