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This is a collection of resources that will be useful to candidates, activists, and anyone following politics. We are always looking to add new resources to share, so if you have any suggestions for ones to add, drop a note to

The Legislative Process – A step-by-step explanation of how a bill moves through the legislature, from filing to committee to crossing over to being signed into law.

How to Be an Effective Activist – If you want your activism to count, especially when trying to affect a bill in the legislature, there are certain things you simply must know and do. Here’s a guide to make your work more effective.

The Candidate Manual — An extensive manual for the beginning candidate, put together by contributors will real campaign experience. Available as both web pages and a downloadable PDF.

Webinar on Redistricting – A webinar led by attorney Anna Whites about the new redistricting maps and the fallout from them, including refiling, campaign finance, and more.

Can I talk about my job in my campaign materials? — As candidates begin to file for 2022 races and to tell voters about themselves, it is only natural to share their work and the passion they have for the jobs they do. But, there is a real line between a candidate talking about job skills and advertising a business. Anna Whites walks us through the distinction, and why it is so important.

KFTC Voter Registration Field Manual – A guide to doing voter registration drives, with the goal of providing a high base level of voter registration knowledge to KFTC members and allies allies to help strengthen their voter registration drives.

Your photo ID requirements to vote in KY – Starting July of 2021, Kentucky law now requires a photo ID in order to vote. Here are the details you need to know.

Living Wage Calculator – Web site showing both living wage and poverty wage for either Kentucky as a whole, or for individual counties and metropolitan statistical areas. Includes break-outs for different size families, and whether one or two adults in the family are working.