Senate affirms support of NATO; Rand Paul votes No


Just as President Trump is about to meet with our NATO allies (and probably issue them all past-due notices), the U.S. Senate passed a resolution affirming our commitment to NATO and its importance to our security.

Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), who authored the resolution, said:

“No one should ever doubt the United States’ resolve in meeting its commitments to the mutual defense of the NATO alliance. Unfortunately, this motion has become necessary because some of our closest allies have come to question the US commitment to collective self-defense. President Trump has at times called the alliance ‘obsolete.’ Our allies are starting to wonder whether they can rely on the United States to come to their defense in a crisis.”

The vote on the nonbinding resolution was 97-2. One of the two senators voting No was our own Rand Paul.

Why did Senator Paul vote against supporting NATO? His answer, in a tweet: