OK, folks, it’s the last weekend before the midterms, and that means it’s time to Get Out The Vote! The higher the turnout, the better – and, we want to prove Alison Grimes wrong and go OVER 50% turnout!

So here are seven ways you can do GOTV this weekend, including one from your couch. (Really!) AND, we’ve got one other GOTV effort that you should donate to. Let’s do this!

The Last Weekend (visit)

Believe it or not, there is actually a nation-wide effort for this last weekend called The Last Weekend! It is sponsored by Swing Left, and it includes 74 different organizations working together to get out the vote. You go to the site, give them your info, say how many hours you can commit, and they give you back the highest-profile thing you can do in that amount of time. Don’t like their choice? Click “see other events” and try again. Very cool, especially since you know you are putting your time where it can matter.

KY Dems GOTV (visit)

The state party is organizing volunteers to do GOTV across the state. Again, give them your info and they’ll contact you with opportunities for you.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth GOTV (visit)

KFTC’s page is a little different. They have listed all the volunteer opportunities by chapter, along with contact info and type of activity. You scan the list, find the chapter nearest you, and contact them to volunteer.

Local Indivisible groups

Many of the Indivisible groups across the state are volunteering in campaigns in their area. The best way to find the group nearest you is to go to https://indivisible.org/groups and search by ZIP code or state.

Other local organizations

There are many other local organizations doing GOTV, including Democratic clubs, other Resistance groups, and progressive groups of all kinds. Ask around to see what groups are in your area.

For a campaign directly

Of course, you can always volunteer directly for a campaign, especially in your area. It’s much more effective to say “Hi, I’m Bruce, your neighbor over on Smith Street, and I’m walking the subdivision asking people to vote for Bill Jones.” Find a campaign in your area and ask them how you can help this weekend.

Women’s March Virtual Phone Bank (visit)

OK, this is the one I was talking about doing from your couch. This is a virtual phone bank, where you use whatever phone you have to make the calls. Once you create an account, they give you the name, the info, and the phone number of the person you are calling, along with a script and a way to record responses.

Once you’ve spent as much time as you want, you click “Stop making calls” and you’re done! This is a great way to take some time here and there to make a difference in other states. I especially like that some of the states are in the western part of the country, so you can make the calls after it’s too late to do GOTV here.

And one thing you should donate to

MoveOn has put together a program to send text messages to 18- to 29-year-olds, encouraging them to vote. This is the group that we NEED to turn out in big numbers, so the MoveOn effort is important. BUT, in order to do this, MoveOn needs to scale up their tech, so they don’t crash the system when they try to send 20 million texts over the next four days.

So, swing on over to the MoveOn donation page and drop a few dollars into the kitty. If we can get the turnout for the 20-somethings up in the 30-to-40% range, it will mean winning some races we wouldn’t otherwise win.

Let’s do this – GOTV!!