Sign the KDP petition calling on GOP to seat Glenn in KY House

Part of the Jim Glenn Case series


In a statement sent to voters across the state, Kentucky Democratic Party chair Ben Self is urging voters to sign a KDP petition calling on the House GOP to seat Jim Glenn when the General Assembly convenes in January.

Glenn won his race over D.J. Johnson by one vote, and that win was duly certified by the state Board of Elections. But now, Johnson has filed a challenge, and David Osborne, the presumptive Speaker, has not committed to seating Glenn even though he won.

Johnson’s challenge throws the recount into the House, where Republicans have a super-majority.

Here is Ben Self’s statement:

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you’ve probably heard about Republican overreaches in places like Wisconsin and Michigan. And in one particularly terrible case, what appears to be outright vote stealing in North Carolina.

It’s shameful, but let me tell you, Kentucky Republicans are trying to do the same thing here. Rep. Jim Glenn won his race and had his victory certified, but his opponent has filed an election challenge with the General Assembly, and the House GOP won’t commit to seating him in January.

Stand with Jim Glenn. Add your name and tell the House GOP: Seat Representative Glenn.

Republicans want to deny him his seat, with the partisan Kentucky House of Representatives calling the shots.

To put it bluntly, any action other than seating Rep. Glenn is an attack on the voters of the 13th House District. If you live in that district, it could be YOUR VOTE they end up wrongly trying to discard to steal the election.

And if they can do it to Jim, they’ll do it all over the state in the future.

So we need your help. Add your name to our petition telling the Kentucky House GOP Leadership to seat Jim Glenn on Day 1 of the 2019 General Assembly. And then share it with friends who can add their name too.