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Hello! If you are new to Forward Kentucky, OR if y0u were familiar with us on our old site, here are some things you need to know.

A brief About

Forward Kentucky is a web site that is "the progressive voice for Kentucky politics." We were founded in 2016, and published over 4,000 stories before moving to this new site. (We have moved the more popular articles to this site.)

We publish content by both our own contributors and other sources and contributors. The founder and publisher is Bruce Maples.

Content types

We publish three main types of content: news, policy, and commentary. All three are clearly labeled, so you, the reader, can understand our approach and standards.

  • News articles include both coverage of news and news analysis. When something is labeled as News, we try to honor journalistic standards of accuracy and objectivity. If the article also includes some opinion about the subject, we label that as well.
  • Policy articles are research-based and data-driven, and are meant to show the most effective way to approach a particular issue.
  • Commentary articles are just that: opinion pieces about a given topic, person, event, bill, or whatever. As you would expect, our editorial voice is progressive.

Membership types

There are three levels of connection you, the reader, can have to Forward Kentucky:

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