A group of students wearing MAGA hats and Covington Catholic apparel were caught on video taunting and harassing Native Americans at the Indigenous People’s March on the National Mall. The videos have since gone viral, including here and here.

After seeing the videos, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes released this statement:

In spite of these horrific scenes, I refuse to shame and solely blame these children for this type of behavior. Instead I turn to the adults and administration that are charged with teaching them, and to those who are silently letting others promote this behavior.  

This is not the Kentucky we know and love. I call on Covington Catholic High School to denounce this behavior. As a proud alumnae of a Catholic High School, I know a school that stands for “Building minds. Living Faith.” would not stand for this.

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Apparently, the students were in Washington to participate in the anti-abortion rally, happening on the same day.

After numerous Twitter users expressed their outrage at the students’ behavior, the school switched their Twitter account to private, and has not responded to requests for comment.

For more details, read the larger coverage at WHAS.


Update: The story has now made the top of the Recommended list at Daily Kos, with more details.


Additional statements have been shared on Twitter by Whitney Westerfield and Adam Edelen.


  • Emboldened by the juvenile behavior of the nominal POTUS, this unfortunate young person demonstrates a lack of respect for his moral superior.

  • I have no doubt that most of the people who voted for Trump do not consider themselves racist, and that they are concerned most with jobs and the economy. HOWEVER, the fact remains that all the white nationalist/supremacists were 100% solidly behind Trump, and they see his election as a validation of their beliefs. This pathetic display in Washington yesterday is simply another illustration of this. The resurgence of fascism and racism in this country is utterly appalling.

  • I dunno. Given Duke, UVa, you’d think a little deliberateness would be called for. The students’ detractors are the political, and likely sometimes biological, descendants of the Democrats who lynched blacks until the 1920s.